falling in love in a coffee shop

I woke up at silly hour this morning with a massive headache following last night’s shenanigans for a colleague’s leaving do. I couldn’t get back to sleep and I’m out of coffee and painkillers so I painfully faffed about til my yawns finally got the better of me. Thirty minutes later, before I fell deeper into slumber, my phone tells me it’s time to wake up for work. I wanted to snooze some more but decided to just drag myself and my headache out of bed. It’s Friday anyway, and things should be cruisy.

Legged it to central London with the absolute goal of grabbing extra strong coffee to kill this bloody hangover before stumbling into work. I hurried to a cafe close to the office and asked for a vanilla cappuccino with an extra shot of espresso. Strong and sweet is what I need. Barista looks at me and smiles. ‘Hungover?

Either I look that bad or I look THAT bad. But hey, cute smile. ‘Er… yes.‘ I say semi-conscious of my dress-down Friday appearance and out-of-the-shower hair. Maybe I should reacquaint myself with the untouched blowdryer and never used hair brush.

Barista winks and tells me he knows the perfect cure. ‘Okay then. I’ll sprinkle your coffee with extra chocolate. And for you I’ll use my heart. I’ll give you my heart cos it’s Friday. And I’m in love.

KILIGERS! And just like that, the hangover’s gone.

27 before 27 blog countdown: 42

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