if the shoe fits…

My shopaholic mother gets super frustrated when we’d shop together. She’d make me try on heaps of stuff and more often than not, I end up getting bored or losing interest as soon as she pops the third piece of clothing in the dressing room. It’s not that I hate her sense of style (although I do remember how she never let me wear jeans until I was 12!!!), it’s just that we’re not the same; her style’s more frills/frou frou and labels whilst friends often describe mine as ‘quirky’. Saying that, I do love my mother and her persistence… and that I’m still her favourite shopping buddy.

It’s not that I hate shopping because I actually enjoy it even when I’m not really shopping for myself (and like the rare perfect boyfriend, I’ll tell you straight up whether it makes you look fat and I’m patient enough to wait around). I’m just really not much of a shopper for clothes, makeup and accessories. Unlike uberfashionistas who seem to update their wardrobes every month or every season, I normally just shop for clothes when I need to (ie emergency runs for spontaneous parties to not look like the boring cow from work) or when I’m in the mood for it or when I see something I like. However… like any other imperfect sould I do have a weak spot: shoes.

(WARNING: A wishlist under the cut! Have a look and feel free to make me happy! Haha!)

Yes. If you see me on a regular basis, you’ll know that during the day I live in Chucks and flipflops or brogues. But if you live with me then you’ll know how obsessed I can get. My closet space for shoes needs to be expanded, although admittedly I’ve not even worn most of my purchases. But still. Ang nice lang to look at. Shoes = art.

I still remember the first time I consciously fell in love with shoes. Early ’90s, my mom came back from a trip from somewhere and one of her holiday purchases was a pair of black Ferragamo pumps (the pang-lola ones with the gold embellishment on the toes, kinda like Tory Burch but understated). I tried them on and felt…. strangely happy. Sophisticated. In power. Buti na lang mom had small feet then and I had big feet as a child (although as I grew up, my shoe size pretty much remained the same! I’ve got UK size 3 feet na now!) so they fitted me perfectly. Since then I would sneak into her wardrobe every now and again to get those shoes and wear them for school. Whilst my classmates wore kiddie maryjanes, I was in grown-up pumps.

My mother eventually found out I was using her shoes. I got scolded for it and she said that her precious shoes will eventually be handed down to me anyway. Didn’t stop me from sneaking in and trying on her shoes until unfortunately my feet grew a bit more and her shoes didn’t fit me na. Boo.

I love shoes, I really do. And I’m loving these ones at the mo:

Saw them in Harrod’s last week.
I can’t stop thinking about these gorgeous bootsies!
Brian Atwood
I love the colour! It can spruce up
a plain outfit anytime!
Dare I say, perfect casual spring boots!

Jimmy Choo
Aaaah, I’m super loving this colour

Philip Lim 3.1
I love the textures on this one

Tabitha Simmons
Boardroom sexy!
I super love the silky stripe print.
Nautical effect!

Tabitha Simmons
I rarely wear heels so this one’s perfect
for daily shenanigans!

Theodora & Callum
Reminds me of the printed Tory Burch wedges
but this one looks totally cuter

Tory Burch
Another one for summer nautical outfits!

Tory Burch
Same as the previous photo but in ‘beige’
Pero it looks yellow

Contrary to popular belief I can like girly stuff too!
And nobody does feminine better than Valentino.
These lacy wedges are super sexy but more feminine
compared to the A/W ’10 ones last year

Hello colour blocking!

Possibly the most versatile of the bunch.
Reminds me also of yummy summery holidays!

Giuseppe Zanotti
Calfskin bootsies in this colour.
OMG super nice.
Super springy but super autumnal also!

Giuseppe Zanotti
How sexy is this?
I love the laser cut print and I love the back also

Ahhhhhh, my bank account will suffer if you take me to a shoe shop. Iba kasi talaga when you get shoes instead of clothes. When I’m wearing the right shoes I feel like I can get anywhere and get anything that I want. Clothes or makeup or accessories don’t really make me feel that way. But shoes…. aaaaah. Entirely different level of BOOM. =)

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