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Day 18 - A photo of one of your classes

I purposely skipped Day 17 (A photo of you drunk) because a) I was at Wireless Festival and b) despite the many drinking parties we’ve had in both my universities, I’ve never really gotten drunk enough to allow myself to be photographed haha! (or at least my heavily tipsy moments were never really documented). So I’ll give you two photos of my classes.
Shame this is the only (digital) photo I have of my classmates in UP. We entered UP Diliman in 2001 for the BA and BAA programmes and called ourselves Whattabatch. This photo is so cool because this was during Bacbacan 2 where different orgs competed in different sports. It was quite competitive but I love how we all took time to have a batch photo. And our different uniforms look so cool against each other, yet somehow everything seemed to fit.
I had an absolute mint time in my year in Bournemouth mostly because of this bunch. We’ve had rad study sessions and lectures over laughter and food and wine and dance. Dissertation discussions that started from 8pm spilt over sunrise and tiny drives along the coast. I miss being a student in Philippines, but being an international student was another experience of its own.

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