Wireless Festival 2011 (part 1)

Went to this year’s Wireless Festival with M, C+B and J for the show headlined by Black Eyed Peas.

An organised mess

I wanted to get there super early to catch some of the indie groups but dramatic turn of events, I got to the venue at around 3.30pm and had to queue with M (C+B & J were already in the queue). It was very disorganised! They didn’t have any signs at all and everyone swarmed in front of the gates before we got in. Buti na lang the British public, being British, were kinda coordinated with informal queueing. However, some people collapsed from the heat and the grounds were absolutely disgusting (we walked around leftover lunch picnics & empty bottles of alcohol… yuck!). Took us an hour to get in!

Justin Bieber in the house! // Look at the mess! We saw more kadiri kalat!
I heard Example playing whilst we queued and my heart sank cos I really wanted to see him play! We were still outside when Bruno Mars started his set but we were able to get in the grounds halfway, just in time to see him nail his remix of Nothin’ On You. He closed the set with his hit Grenade, complete with a mad guitar solo - I didn’t realise he played as well!

They’ve got nothin’ on you, baby.

After Bruno’s set we tried to look for C+B & J, but the reception was bad so we decided to park our butts somewhere to wind down and feast on typical festival fare. Reminded me of eating hotdogs in Araneta whilst watching PBA live games. =)

Tinie Tempah was onstage next. We finally got hold of the rest of the crew but decided to meet after the set because the crowd was chaotic - Tinie encouraged a moshpit! Haha!

During Plan B‘s act (he was absolutely swearing like there was no tomorrow!) we decided to chill out by the bars and grub to people watch. We saw a lot of people flirting and drunk people getting trashed! As in OMG, there was a middle-aged guy who puked in front of us! Haha! We decided to roam the grounds muna and get some food to get ready for Black Eyed Peas! =)

J & C
Who’s mas bagay with B? Hahaha

We asked a girl to take our photo - OOPS! she was so drunk we thought she’d drop dead!

We tried to get to the David Guetta tent but it was soooo full so we just watched him onscreen. I kinda felt a bit down about this cos I wanted to hear Memories properly! Hey, hey! doot-doot-doot-doot-doot-do.. Well, well… It’s getting late but I don’t mind!

Part 2: Black Eyed Peas, the main event coming up soon! =)
27 before 27 blog countdown: 28 more to go!

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