Wireless Festival (part 2) - The Black Eyed Peas

So after all the shenanigans here, it was time for the Black Eyed Peas!

The only photo I have of all the Peas as it’s crowded!
Festivals should really have a section for short people, haha! 

They opened the show with Rock That Body / Meet Me Halfway which pumped everyone up. It was a massive dancefest after that. =)

I think Fergie’s just an amazing performer. She was splitting and dancing and hitting the notes and engaging the crowd. When she sang Big Girls Don’t Cry it felt so intimate that the thousands of people didn’t seem to exist for three minutes. Josh Duhamel’s a lucky bloke. Go Fergie!
Don’t you think Taboo’s scrubbed up nicely? I remember having nicknames for BEP - The leader (Will.I.Am), the lady (Fergie), the Filo brother (Apl) and ‘the weird looking one’. Haha. Spoke too soon, gwapo na siya these days! Glad he has more singing parts now.
Well hello there Apl de Ap! When he came out we were screaming ‘Filo pride! Filo pride!’ You’ve gotta love Apl’s presence in the group. He seems like the cool, laidback, reliable Pea! =)
Will.I.Am DJ-ed - possibly my favourite part of their stint. Everyone went crazy dancing. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Some of the tunes I remember him playing included like OMG (Usher), Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics), Song 2 (Blur), The Rolling Stone’s Satisfaction which segued into Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction, Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana), Thriller (MJackson), House of Pain’s Jump Around and more dance tunes. I got someone to lift me when I jumped! Haha! Parang flyer lang for cheerdance!
Here are some more photos:

STOP… Whilst your lola emotes a little bit.

The boys bringing down the house!

And the crowd gets in the mood!
Met two Spanish girls who sang and danced to every single tune. They were good fun!

When they sang Where Is The Love, we started doing the hand-heart things. A little while later, biglang the Peas started getting everyone to do the hand-heart things! Woohoo! And then, a special guest came onstage to join the party….

He came for I Got A Feeling, The Time (Dirty Bit) and an awesome, awesome, awesome encore. Fergie sang a bit of my second favourite song of all time… With or Without You. They also got one of the backup singers do a solo which was good. 
And that, my friends, sums up my first Wireless Festival. It was a very chaotic start but seeing people revel in music and being in an atmosphere of fun turned things around. All in all, it was a pretty good experience and I had an awesome time singing and dancing and of course, getting an extra day off work. =)
27 before 27 blog countdown: 27 more to go!

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