My mommy is the sweetest!

So John Mayer said ‘Girls become lovers who turn into mothers‘. It’s true. My mom is a lover of all sweet things - so much that she named her first child after a very, very sweet thing. *cough*

I blame my sweet tooth on my mother. Our pantries and fridges would always be stocked with all sorts of lollies and chocolate. She would always have overflowing candy bowls spread all over the house, and candy tins in the cars. When she’d go on holidays, half of her tax-free shopping would be spent on pasalubong chocolates - half for friends and half for us. Her sugary coffee was so sweet I started to prefer mine plain black. She would put sugar on her iced tea and would drink a massive 750ml glass of it before meals (and another one during). And she would always always always have dessert.

That all said, I’m not surprised that some photos from her recent Singapore trip look like these:

Of course. We never ran out of Hershey’s syrup before. Must have been her first love, she looks kilig!
Smell. Bite. Take home!
Oh my lollies. This would defo be her idea of heaven!
And the other Jelly Belly Bean got jealous!
Then again, I am really my mother’s daughter.
So these photos may as well go on the ’embarrassing/silly family photos’ video reel but don’t you think my mother looks so happy, so refreshed… and so young?! She seems to be ‘enjoying a lot’ these days which I hope she’d do more of. She definitely deserves to spoil herself silly after all these years of just being herself - an awesome wife, the sweetest friend you can have and the best mommy in the world.

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