Rebuilding the music library

After a lot of tears and manic heart palpitations, I have decided to fight with a vengeance and rebuild my music library from scratch as a homage to the 4000+ tunes lost in Project Fix Laptop.

1. Noel Cabangon - Ang Aking Awitin
A very old tune that has a very special place in my heart. Bong Gabriel’s version still gives me the chills to this day as nothing beats a torpe song by a torpe guy. However, Noel Cabangon’s version is so good it might as well revert you to the golden era of bell bottoms, happy beans and classic Manila Sound. Another brilliant track from his awesome album, Byahe.

2. The Japanese Pop Stars - Song For Lisa (Barry Benassi Remix)
They are not Japanese at all. I quite like listening to Japstars and their remixes especially when I’m getting ready for a massive night (check out: Beyonce - Single LadiesGorillaz - On Melancholy Hill, Kylie - Better Than Today). They’re quite good DJs and they actually have Nike trainers named after them. Gotta love this Barry Benassi remix featuring Lisa Hannigan.
3. Nadia AliStarkillersAlex Kenji - Pressure (Alesso remix)
Imagine. You + 10,000 other forever young souls + one massive field + awesome surround sound + this. Love this track, for the sheer pleasure it brings my feet. Nadia Ali’s voice is meant for tunes like these - para siyang on a high most of the time. I’ve missed her since Rapture!

4. American Football - The Summer Ends

Long intros and slow-sung lyrics usually make me skip songs on albums, but this song always makes me feel a bit hopeful about all things to come. When people you care about come and go a lot or when you feel like nothing is certain songs like this can induce a much needed cry. And then you’re okay. And then you know that everything’s going to be alright. =)
There’s something annoying about bands who have long names and song titles especially when their songs are quite rather hit/miss. TPOBPAT fall into that category in my book; their tunes are catchy and reminiscent of 90’s ‘rockternative’ but I feel like there’s a slight lack of cohesion on their albums as a whole. This song is possibly my favourite from Belong because it reminds me of all the teenybopper romances my friends and I had.

6. Starsmith - Lesson One
Have you heard Starsmith’s remixes? Pretty decent, but his tunes are quite good too. Very reminiscent of 80’s popsynth tunes, and as a child of the 80’s (that’s still young!) I’m well pleased with his tracks! That said, I’m digging his originals too.

What are you’s listening to? Help me rebuild my tunes library!


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