Halloween 2012

Halloween! by thegirlnextshore

So this was my peg for Halloween. I was too lazy to go overboard on my fancy dress as it was a school night and I was coming straight from work so I tried to keep it simple and casual. Ended up looking like this:

 Topshop ‘Geek’ tee; All Saints mini; H&M leopard-print flats; American Apparel thigh-highs
Angels wig; Accessorize bangles; sunnies from Leicester Square

Went to Lab‘s Hallogreen party, sponsored by Chartreuse.

The girls all looked lovely.

Geek + Wednesday Addams + Pink Pussy(cat) + Two-Faced hotness + Flapper Girl + Elton John

The boys definitely brought it. Who knew they would be so good with makeup? =P
Day of the Dead Flowered Skull + Vampire NPH + Jack Sparrow & The Mummy

So glad Wednesday and Uncle Fester were able to join us.

A few skeletons came out of the closet…
And then there was this curious, curious box…

Overall, a very fun night with the world’s oddities.

Glad Halloween’s picking up in Londontown. There’s definitely been a sharp increase in the number of themed parties this year. Can’t wait til next year!

Some photos nicked from the Lab facebook page, check it out here.

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