Six (?) tracks for November

Another month, another playlist. =)

1. Disclosure feat. Sam Smith - Latch
Admittedly, when I heard this on the radio I got hooked and had one of those Google-the-lyrics-to-find-out-which-song-this-is-because-I-am-too-lazy-to-Shazam-it moments. Sam Smith’s vocal contribution is so smooth it reminded me of Maxwell’s Love You. It’s a great track with just the right amount of bounce for chilled nights with your mates or your lonesome (you’ll like it if you like SBTRKT), but I’m sure it won’t be too long til the remixes hit the clubs.

2. Jessie Ware - Devotion
Jessie was one of the favourites to win this year’s Mercury Prize Award (but I bet on Alt-J and they won!!!). I first heard her on SBTRKT’s Right Thing To Do and I remember thinking ‘Ooh.. where did I hear that voice before?’ It’s distinct enough, but the influences are there; it has a sort of nonchalance that affects you like The xx‘s Romy Madley-Croft’s, an effortless sultriness like Sade‘s with India Arie‘s soul, and an upcoming sense of relevance like Katy B‘s. Her album Devotion is quite a lounger, give it a listen.
3. Peace - Bloodshake
This is my take-me-back-to-summer song this month. The percs remind me of all sorts of tropicana and I just want to be transported to a grand secluded beach with amazing waves and coconuts. It’s been released a few month’s back, but I’ve only really appreciated it recently now that the chill’s had a bit more bite. It has the same feel as Friendly Fire’s Jump In The Pool, Two-Door Cinema Club’s Undercover Martyn and Mystery Jet’s Serotonin - all my favourite summer songs in the past few years. Can’t wait til they release a full length studio album as their EP Delicious is quite promising.
4. Masters in France - Playing With My Friends
It’s that tune from the super cute IKEA advert! What an awesome modern take on the BB King original! I like how cheeky-chappy this version is. It’s not as soulful as the oldie but equally as fun. The bass makes you bop your head without being all too out there so it’s trippy enough without being exhausting. Fun fact, they’re not French, they’re Welsch! Funny, because the vocalist’s voice has the same rasp as fellow Welsch singers Tom Jones & Kelly Jones (Stereophonics).

5. Alt-J - Bloodflood
I featured Alt-J last month because I thought their album An Awesome Wave is awesomely genius. A month and a Mercury Prize Award later…. I’m still super in love with the band and their tunes. Here’s a live version of my favourite track on their debut album which is… *breathe in, exhale* awesome.

6. Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Someday

An old favourite off Break Up. I have mad love for Pete and I actually think Scarlett did great stuff in this album, too. I love listening to this song in bed on a gloomy Sunday morning. It makes me sink further under the duvet and it’s just cosy. There’s a strange comfort I get from listening to sad(ish) songs, even when I’m not feeling gloomy at all. Makes me feel a bit creative. But that might just be strangely me. This version’s a remix as I can’t find a track of the original. 
I’m actually throwing a seventh track for my bestie M. You know it, buddy. Always.

Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up
I wanted Ben to win the Mercury Prize Award if Alt-J didn’t. His voice is uniquely addicting; it’s not exactly pretty but it’s intriguing. Also, he made me like one of the most annoying songs in the planet. That counts for something.


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