Philippines 2012: Cagayan Valley part 2

There’s a sort of excitement you get from being ‘one with nature’. I haven’t felt that for a while until my father took me to see his farm. I felt like a cross between Dora the Explorer and a kid off to Toys R Us for the first time.
Played in the corn fields, trying to look for those crop sightings.
My father joined me for a while, worried I’d get lost (haha!)
It was a fantastic sea of my favourite colour. And it stretched as far as the actual ocean.

Coconut trees were scattered all over. I find them really calming, as if summer was just around the corner.

Of course we had to try the produce. 
It was fun picking and munching on calamansi all throughout the tour. 
For as long as I remember my parents have always been fond fish farms. Unsurprisingly, they had some ponds/lakes on the other side of the farm to harvest fish, mostly tilapia. We came just in time for feeding. Did you know that Region 2 is considered the ‘Tilapia capital of the Philippines’? Pampanga apparently used to hold this title until 2008.
They were harvesting some sort of mollusks too. I’m not quite sure what they’re called. Do you know?

More photos:

After the trip we went to visit my dad’s mother and his siblings, my aunties whom I’ve not seen in years. Some cousins were visiting for the holidays too. I only have 11 cousins in total, so it was good to spend time with them there. My grandmother was quite teary when she realised most of us were there and it was cool to see that despite most of us being based elsewhere, her children still look out for her.

This was really pretty.

Guess what my auntie M’s profession is…

Eggplant, anyone?

I really had an amazing time and I hope I can visit the farm and Sta Teresita again soon.

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