Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Yes, this is a V-Day post.

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post.

Valentine’s Day was heaps bigger when we were younger. In grade school, we’d write requisite greetings on cardboard hearts for a name out of a box (so nobody leaves heart-less) and get funny written ones from ‘secret admirers’. In high school, fancy floral arrangements would dominate common spaces (resulting from the mass exodus of the male species to the flower shops of Dangwa the night before). Oh, and don’t discount the influx of soft plush toys; no other day in a year have I seen so many Tazmanian Devils, Powerpuff Girls and Marvin the Martians (there was a year when I received all three).

Where are we now with V-Day though? Bit more on the "Meh" side? Most of us really can’t be bothered for various reasons -
       “I’m too cool to be commercial.”
“It’s a nonsensical and an impractical holiday.”
“But you should celebrate love everyday, not just for a day!”
“My IQ is inversely proportional to my EQ.”

Admittedly, I don’t rate V-Day much either. Whilst the aforementioned reasons have been used to escape invites and what-have-you’s... there was one big reason behind all this (thank you P for pointing this out): "It's scarier than Halloween". So much pressure to pull tricks and treats off and you end up having a heart attack for fear of being the new Lanie Boggs. That's why, whether I was in a relationship or not, I've never gone out on a V-Day date. 

Trust me. It's scary and you'll never forget it. 

But hey, I'm not that cynical. I get why some people are still super in the mood to go woot woot on festivities. Love, in all forms, is still a really special thing to find/to feel/to have and if people fancied making a big day out of it then let's not ruin their parade. In fact, if you yourself fancied giving your special someone a little something for the day of luuuuuurve... why don't you...

1. BE SWEET and say it with a box of choccy! Nothing screams V-Day more than a box of cocoa and candy.

Cocoa Monster ManilaThe new face of sexy quality chocolate! If you think the box looks amazing, wait til you try the truffles. My brother's recommended flavours are peanut butter and coffee! They also do custom orders for events and corporate giveaways so check out their Facebook page for more info, or call +63 922 873 6638. Better yet, go visit their shop in Eastwood Mall (Ground Floor) and see for yourself! They're there for the V-Day bazaar til the 17th =)

Hotel Chocolat's Love Selection. (London/UK) Now this, is a kit made for the day. Truffles, check. Chocolate bar, check. Small bottle of rosé, check. Dark lemon drops, check. For £35, this hamper goes a long long way. All you need is a tin of mints before kissing. And someone to share it with.

Laduree. Because Paris, discounting its blasé chicness, is still the city of romance and that mint green and gold shop is a bit of aristocratic Paris and Marie Antoinette (of course) in London. Check out their V-Day Menu! The Covent Garden branch is quite small but the piazza itself is spectacular and perfect for dates with its cobblestone steps and charming artsy vibe =)

2. BE CHEESY! Literally, because a hamper of cheese goes a looooong way. It's nice and cute and very pleasing to the palate. Have a cheesy night. There are a lot of good delis around. My favourites S&L (Makati, Philippines) and Neal's Yard (London, which I've blogged about before) will not disappoint. They have really good cheeses: the former sell European dairy and the latter sell cheese from all over Britain. An old favourite, if not for the trek to Marylebone is La Fromagerie. They're considered to have the best cheese rooms in London and if you fancy a 'different' sort of V-Day, check out their 'thrilling' V-Day 

S&L Fine Foods: 135-B Yakal St. San Antonio Village, Makati City, Philippines | +632 836 7713
Neal's Yard Dairy: 17 Shorts Gardens, London, England | +44(0)20 7240 5700
La Fromagerie: 2-6 Moxon Street, Marylebone, London | +44(0)20 7935 0341

3. GO WAIT IN 'VAIN' and treat yourself (and bring a date!) to a salon visit. Azta Urban Salon is giving 25% off their Brazilian Keratin (with Iron) Treatment (til 30th April). It's an awesome treatment for reducing unwanted hair volume and elimination of hair frizz and kink (har har the pun). Other salons would call this the Brazilian Blowout/Permadry. Azta's treatment has a milder formula containing leeeeeeess formaldehyde which makes it super safe for both customer and stylist. =)

Or just go and have a decent time prettifying yourselves for a big date. Click here to view a menu of their services. =)

3. BE MA-ART, EH! You know how people say it's the thought that counts (and the handbag/shoe that follows)? It seriously is true. The most underrated presents are the ones that do not hold much monetary value but bear priceless moments and so much meaning. Why don't you try getting crafty together? Learn the art of DIY? The art of cooking? The art of making lo....ts of happy memories? Try something new with your partner. Jack Johnson said "it's always better when we're together."

Craft MNL (Manila) - Get crafty!
Crafternoons at Fullybooked (Manila) - Alessandra Lanot of Life After Breakfast teaches you DIY
L'atelier des Chefs (London) - bake your cake and eat it, too!
Photography Tours and Courses (London) - for snap happy freaks.

4. MIX IT UP. Because Lloyd Dobler set 'harana' standards high and everyone fell in love with Charlie and his tunnel song. Because personalised playlists are awesome and mixtapes will never be out of tune. Have a look here, here, here and here for ideas.

5. JUST SAY IT. Perhaps this is the real reason why most of us aren't that bothered about V-Day. To express love, complex as it is, can be very simple. Yes it's scary, yes it's nerve-racking and yes, some of yous think that if you say it too often the meaning will get lost. Come on, people. Most of us are way beyond lucky to find and to have someone to say it to - and most of us are idiots for not saying it as often as we should whilst we still could.

There's nothing more romantic than saying it straight. Three words, eight letters. Simple.

Uh, and on that note... (and because I believe I'm lucky)
I love you, Plaid Boy.


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