I had a hospital appointment three weeks ago and the doctor told me I need to manage my stress. This made me think of the million things people do to burn off stress from the free ways (ie running, sleeping, singing, taking loooong baths, etc)… View Post

I was having one of those crazy post-holiday work weeks and needed a dose of my friend A. She knew I was missing Asia so she suggested we meet at Shanghai Blues. I hauled myself to Holborn daydreaming of delicious silken noodles, popiah and fresh, meat-packed pot… View Post

There were three major reasons why I needed to try Brasserie Zedel.       - One, I love French food and this new kid in town has been gathering buzz. My curiosity was starving.      - Two, Our wedding planners reminded me to create ‘pegs’ and… View Post

A good brunch for me is something effectively more nutritious than elevenses or beans on toast. During my early years in the UK, I wouldn’t eat in typical cafés because these so called greasy spoons would make me feel like I’ve eaten a truckload of… View Post

I’m staring out my window and it’s drizzling. My stomach is shouting for a good dose of Tabasco-drizzled chimichangas, a bowl of corn soup and spicy chicken mole. Torturous, considering I still haven’t found mind-blowing Mexican food in London. I’ve tried a few Mexican chains… View Post