Dayre I… Dayre you?

I had a hospital appointment three weeks ago and the doctor told me I need to manage my stress. This made me think of the million things people do to burn off stress from the free ways (ie running, sleeping, singing, taking loooong baths, etc) to the not-so-free ways (ie yoga/gym/studio classes, binge eating/drinking, therapists, etc). 
Me? I used to dance. A lot. But now I write. A lot. About whatever I think of, whenever I can, wherever I am. If you look in my bag you’d find scribbles on stickies, scrap paper, napkins and receipts. Some of those notes actually end up on this blog. (I’d like to think that my entries have matured (sort of) over the years since I feel there’s a bit more restrain on what I choose to share in the blogosphere. In the early days of Blurty and LiveJournal, my entries were about the most random of stuff - think fragmented thoughts of a heart-on-sleeve person in bullet points! Gaaaah. I think this blog is a bit more coherent as my topics are mostly of food, tunes, cheesy stuff and things I like.)
Most of those notes, however, just end up in the bin which is a shame because when I read my scribbles I would backtrack to the time they were written and a correlated memory/feeling would pop beautifully in my head. I actually enjoy writing randomly and find it super therapeutic. Ideally, without having to fill my bag with rubbish (and cause more stress)! 
Thank God I discovered Dayre where I feel like I can be as random as possible. It’s kinda like Instagram but it allows you to add more than one photo/video/quote/location/sticker on your daily feed so your readers can view all your uploads in one go on their feeds. Something about the app sort of alleviates the pressure of taking super artsy vintage-filtered photos and writing deep coherent thoughts because it’s just… fun. I’ve been on it for a week or so now and it’s helped managed stress in the Big Smoke as it helped me remember trivial things, simple joys, random warming gestures and, most importantly, how fun it is to write (especially when I’m writing for me).
Dare I dare you to Dayre too? =)

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