La-la-la-love… SUSHI/SASHIMI (Tomi Sushi, Novena, Singapore)

I’ve been thinking of sushi/sashimi a lot lately. The last time I’ve had proper sushi here in London was during a date in Kikuchi three years ago where I’ve had the most amazing aburi otoro in my life. Given that 1) we racked a bill of £150 (which I insisted on splitting); 2) it was the most awfully quiet date ever (I passed for round two ten minutes in); I bought a Cornish pasty on the way home as my belly reminded me to “Mind the Gap”, I didn’t think it was worth it. There are decent-enough restaurants that serve good Japanese here but sushi is generally expensive in Londontown. For the price marks you’d think you’d be mind blown by what you’re paying for but unforch, the only thing blown is that hole in your pocket.

This thought takes me back to Tomi Sushi in Singapore (Novena Square), where Plaid Boy and I would go if we wanted a quick Jap fix. I was quite apprehensive during my first visit as it’s a chain restaurant in a mall (only because London is the land of no sushi and Yo!Sushi), but despite the mass-market cover up I’ve been told the food is of high calibre… at modest prices.

The set menus are absolutely best bang for your buck: they all include rice, miso soup (you can upgrade to soba noodles for extra $3), salad, chawanmushi ($6 a la carte) and fruit. They have different prices for dinner/lunch service, mind you, but still absolutely affordable. Here are some of our favourites:

Nigiri sakura ($28) includes eight pieces of nigiri (including a slice of maguro chutoro), and tori karaage. The fried chicken pieces are quite tender juicy and not oily at all. I enjoyed having this with the salad, simple as it is, drizzled with sesame dressing.

My absolute favourite has to be the sashimi set ($25 for lunch, $35 for dindin) and yes - it tastes as amazing as it looks. The cuts of swordfish, prawn, tuna, salmon and sole are so melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Each piece is so fresh you can absolutely taste the sweetness of the fish and there’s no need for that soy-wasabi what have you. You seriously need this in your life.

(By the way they serve different soy for sashimi and for sushi. Not sure I was able to spot any difference save for viscosity.)

The sushi gozen set ($54) is super sulit also. You get a set of maki and nigiri (including a piece of tuna chutoro), an assortment of tempura, some hijiki and a slice of gindara teriyaki. Isn’t that a feast?

If you’re a purist who just wants sushi/sashimi they obviously sell these a la carte but you’re better off with an assortment if you fancied trying everything. For five pieces, the maguro chutoro alone is up for $40, and the otoro for $60. That’s fair pricing compared to the ridic price tag of sushi here in London, but still. The assorted sets range from $23-130 and you can’t beat that, can you? Everyhing is absolutely fresh.


Boyfriend not included
Service is decent and swift and the quality of ingredients makes me question the price (Why so cheap?!). Not that we mind, of course… but you get my drift.
I wish we had something like Tomi here in London. That would be lunch sorted every day.
238 Thomson Road, #02-76/77, Velocity, Novena Square, 307683
Ave spend pp $30 for lunch, $50 for dinner (and that can go a very long way) 

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