Monday, 24 March 2014

clueQuest: London's #1 attraction (and a giveaway! - CLOSED)

PART ONE of the #Nuffnangis007 birthday series

I grew up reading Tintin comics and The Hardy Boys books; watching shows like Miami Vice and Alias, films like Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Dick Tracy and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; and pretending errands were secret missions so I can play Sydney Bristow or James Bond (while most of my friends dreamt of being the Bond girl). Being a secret agent was a serious fantasy so when Nuffnang invited a few bloggers to experience a live escape game at clueQuest (Tripadvisor's #1 attraction in Londontown), I was ecstatic.

Ladies and gents, I am officially a dick (that's detective, naughties) and I even have a card to prove it!

They told us to meet at an alleyway in East London. Walking past clients' offices I wondered if I had to come up with some spy-like excuse if someone recognised me. The first thought in my head was "I'm in the neighbourhood to buy some aubergine."  Smooth, agent King. Smooth.

Can you spot a secret agent from this unsuspecting lot? Everyone seems innocent and charming, no?

We walked into the HQ and it was confirmed that the boss himself, Mr Q, handpicked us to save the human race. Awesomesauce. After a short debrief, we were grouped in two teams of five and were sent to our separate missions.

We were contained in a room where we had to find clues, dodge red herrings, open a LOT of locks and work as a team. Like all great spies we had to extremely exercise our common sense and make sure the pieces of the grand puzzle fit to complete our mission and, well, to escape.

Our team completed the mission (YAY US!). Apparently there's a 40% success rate so we were quite proud of ourselves because it wasn't an easy one. I came expecting something similar to Crystal Maze but this was heaps, miles, galaxies better - kudos to the genius minds behind it. It was a really great challenge and I want to do more! clueQuest has clearly surpassed my expectations and I seriously get why it's currently the top attraction in the city.

Our team: Yishyene, Emma, Tom, lil me, Jess

Seriously, you need to experience clueQuest in your life.

I highly recommend clueQuest (thank you Nuffnang!) and I would love for you to experience it too.
And because Mr Q is just too nice, we are giving away a free game voucher for 3-5 people (worth over £100). You can use this voucher for you and your friends as a good team-building exercise or as a gift for someone who enjoys a good challenge. 

All you have to do is tweet me (@girlnextshore) or leave this comment below: "I want to experience @clueQuestLondon, London's number 1 attraction!". This contest starts now and ends midnight on 27th March so hurry, tweet or comment away! x

11 Plough Yard, London, EC2A 
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  1. I want to experience @clueQuestLondon, London's number 1 attraction! -G P Laurel

  2. I want to experience @clueQuestLondon, London's number 1 attraction! - JB Burton

  3. Thank you for celebrating with us and glad you had a great time at clueQuest too :) x

  4. I want to experience @clueQuestLondon, London's number 1 attraction! - Jamie Power

  5. I want to experience @clueQuestLondon, London's number 1 attraction!-Rochelle Norton

  6. I want to experience @clueQuestLondon, London's number 1 attraction! - Anthony

  7. I want to experience @clueQuestLondon, London's number 1 attraction!