Monday, 14 April 2014

Lipstick Love: MAC Lady Danger, Dreaming Dahlia & Redd + NARS Heat Wave

I previously confessed my love for lipstick so if you've been reading this blog you know for a fact that it's the only makeup product I'm obsessed with. With the weather pleasantly changing into vibrant sunny days, I've been in the mood for bright, strong lips. Something a little bit red-orangey.

A bit out of focus. Must be the sun (!) in town.

MAC Lady Danger - It was a toss between this and So Chaud but in the end I chose Lady Danger because I felt that it suited my skin tone better (I'm an NC35/NW25). It's bright red with a high tinge of coral so if you're looking for a warmer shade of Russian Red or Ruby Woo then this is the colour for you. Perfect to wear during the day.
Finish - Matte (which can be drying so make sure you add a coat of moisturising lip balm!)
Application - Easy
Retouch - 0-1

Nars Heat Wave - a red orange that sways more into the red. The colour payoff when applied is almost similar to Lady Danger, except it's a sort of muted version which brings a more sophisticated look. Perfect red orange for night time activities.
Finish - Semi-Matte. I like that NARS lippies are enriched with Vitamin E.
Application - Easy, but I find it difficult to coat the inner lip
Retouch - Twice

MAC Dreaming Dahlia - It's a limited edition lippy from MAC's A Fantasy of Flowers collection and has become my Spring 2014 favourite. Described as a sheer red coral, this one has medium coverage and looks like tinted gloss when applied (except the colour lasts longer). I love that I can wear it on its own and if I wanted a bit more of a boost I can wear it with MAC Redd lip pencil (see below). I'm amazed by how moisturised my lips feel also on application!
Finish - Lustre
Application - Super easy
Retouch - Twice

MAC Redd Lip Pencil - A permanent shade from MAC's Marilyn Monroe collection from 2012, this lip liner is one of my favourite liners ever. The colour is a retro-tastic red orange and its creamy texture makes it easy to apply. It's long-wearing so even if I drink heaps of hot bevs it doesn't usually wear off. This plus a coat of Dreaming Dahlia = my current favourite red-orange lip look.
Finish - Semi-matte
Application - Smooth and easy
Retouch - 0-1

Here are photos of the lippies, swatched:
MAC Dreaming Dahlia, Nars Heat Wave, MAC Lady Danger, MAC Redd
Without flash: MAC Dreaming Dahlia, NARS Heat Wave, MAC Lady Danger, MAC Redd + Dreaming Dahlia, MAC Redd

MAC Dreaming Dahlia, Nars Heat Wave, MAC Lady Danger, MAC Redd
With flash: MAC Dreaming Dahlia, NARS Heat Wave, MAC Lady Danger, MAC Redd + Dreaming Dahlia, MAC Redd

So those are my red orange shades for Spring 2014. I'm waiting to try YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Le Orange and Chanel Rouge Allure in Excentrique.

What's your Spring 2014 lip colour of choice?


  1. Hey Honey!

    I LOVE your lipstick reviews! It's definitely very exciting for me because I'm currently on a lipstick hunt as you may know aha! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE RED. I have been considering MAC but not entirely sure - but I can see you've got rather good reviews about them :P

    Also, I currently JUST started using YSL's Rouge Pur Couture in Le Rouge - it is absolutely awesome and rather long lasting. Anyway, I'll continue this conversation when I see you tomorrow! ;)

    love, alexxx.

    1. I really like MAC's range of colours but my problem with their lippies, particularly the MATTE ones, is that they can be drying (nothing lip balm can't control). See you later dear! =)

  2. Fantastic review - I love how you've written it all down for ease of use and colour payoff. I've got my eye on the Redd lip pencil, now I've seen it here I think it'll be joining my collection of makeup very soon! Hugs! Xxx

    1. Aww, thanks! Go for it - it's a great red liner for summer! =)