Big Easy Covent Garden (revisited): where…. did the clams go?

Plaid Boy flew to London wanting to try Big Easy after I raved about the lobster bake I had last month. I was happy to oblige.

Of course, we had to have some good ol’ Yamazaki while waiting for our table and for our favourite (wholesome) threesome dining date, G.

15 minutes later (as opposed to the two-hour wait last time), we were escorted to our table and were given menus.

G mused about how different the Covent Garden shack is from the Chelsea one. Indeed, it is.

Our food arrived and it felt like Christmas morning in big ol’ Texas. The table was covered with plates and trays of barbecued meat and baked seafood.

We shared wood roasted mussels (£7.95) in garlic sauce for starters. This could pass off as a light lunch on a normal day. The mussels were moderately plump and moderately seasoned. Overall, an okay dish.

Unfazed by the deep fried squid disaster we had a few days ago, we gave their crispy calamari (£7.95) a try. Champ. There was a heap load of lightly battered and well seasoned squid perfect for sharing. The remoulade sauce was quite decent too.
When Plaid Boy’s lobster bake (£19.50) arrived I was extremely shocked. It paled in comparison to my lobster bake last month. The prawns looked tinier. The garlic sauce was a bit more watery. And where were the clams?!?! The lobster was quite puny and the crab claws were disappointingly dry and meatless for a crab shack. Tears.  

G & I shared the barbecue taste-o-rama (£17.95). It came with a pot of coleslaw, creamed potato salad, home baked beans (which I actually enjoyed), barbecue sauce and some sliced gherkins.

I rarely order chicken in restaurants so I was surprised the pit smoked chicken leg was moist and pleasant. The dry rubbed chest ribs looked like they lacked glazing but were quite tender, juicy and flavourful. The pulled pork still needs much work - it needs a bit more seasoning and a heap of fat!

I ordered some aged cheddar mac and cheese (£3.95) on the side as I thought we needed a bit of carbs but I was so disappointed. I couldn’t taste any sort of mature cheese in the mix at all!

I ordered a slice of red velvet (£5.50) for dessert. The slice was massive but straight away I knew it was dry. The icing was too sweet and overpowered the whole thing. I couldn’t taste any cocoa at all. Tears.

I was full to the brim at this point but I felt rather empty and dissatisfied with our meal. It just didn’t seem as great as I remember. Come on Big Easy, you’ve done better!

12 Maiden Lane, London, WC2E |  +44(0)20 3728 4888
Ave spend pp: £30

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