Happy 1st birthday, Nuffnang UK!

When I found out Nuffnang finally started a community in the UK I knew I had to sign up. Joining has led me to a lot of discoveries, opportunities, a number of invites and events, etc. However, the biggest treat has definitely got to be the bunch of like-minded people I’ve made and developed connections with, on- and offline. We blog about different things but if there’s anything I’ve learned so far, it’s that we are more alike than we are unalike.

Time flies when you’re having fun and by the look of it, Nuffnang UK is having loads. A year since its inception in the country, the community stands 1100 bloggers strong. Naturally, this birthday milestone screamed for a party.

Went to the venue with blogger buddies, FedericaEmma, Alex. Netil House is a testament to the saying, “Do not judge a book by its cover”. What seemed like a derelict building in East London from the outside is actually a pretty hip place providing space for East London’s creative community. 

Headed to the rooftop bar area where some of the attendees have gathered. It was a pretty cool venue with a decent view of London. See how it looks like here. There’s a bar, a DJ deck, a barbie area, a mini turf area. Really cool.

Birthdays = balloons. Balloons + bloggers = photo shoot! Emma & Alex kindly offered to teach me how to “behave” in front of the camera without being too awkward. Here I am trying the “waiting for a friend” technique. 

I was really happy to see some bloggers I’ve already met. It was good to finally meet Sara after Twitter exchanges. I was super ecstatic to see Angela again after realising we had common connections from life before the UK! Such a small world, huh? Sarah was every bit as darling and as funny. Tom is still as beautiful as ever.

And our community manager Jesse? *whistles* Haha!

Food was yum-o. There were burgers for meat lovers… how can you go wrong with burgers on a rooftop bar?

For the vegans/vegetarians, tacos c/o Club Mexicana. I swear - the pulled jackfruit taco is one of the best I’ve had in London. 
 Photo Credit: Angela!

So happy to have had the chance to meet and chat to a new bunch of bloggers particularly Marlene, StephKylie and my new “ASEAN!” chick Jasiminne. There were other lovely people I’ve brushed with but didn’t get much hang time with. I intend to speak to you people in the next Nuffies event! =)

Many thanks Jesse, Arya and the rest of the team for organising and happy first birthday, Nuffnang UK! The future looks bright and saying “many happy returns” could just be an understatement.

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