Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Six tracks for August 2014

Well.... better late than never! Finally coughed up time to do this!

Zola Blood - Grace
There's a lot to wonder about Zola Blood although there's not a lot of information about them lurking on the web. I thought they sounded a bit like this band I followed a few years ago (as a fan, not as a roadie!) and as it turns out, two of them are in this new group. EP's on the brew, and I can't wait to hear more. Watch this space, folks.

Real Estate - Had To Hear
Summer's kissing people goodbye and as people try to book in last minute holidays and road trips somewhere coastal, I hear Real Estate's 'Atlas' CD in the background. Slightly dreamy in that shoegaze pop feel, it's a decent lazy listen.

John Butler Trio - Only One
A fairly old but happy track. Just because I seriously miss The Walking Dead, and because I think this track is quite underrated.

Mammals - Codeine Eyes
I think we're kissing summer goodbye and it's calling out for hearty soup, furry slippers and bedtime cuddles. This whimsical track off the band's Animalia EP is as good as the first single Circles. It brings about a surreal sense of contentment which is quite apparent in the whole EP.

The Knocks
- Classic (feat Powers)
This is my happy track of the month, which has been super busy and super well spent with super people. I think the "Don't be shy" part rubbed off nicely.

Bag Raiders - Nairobi
Found out the story behind Shooting Star, the duo's most famous hit to date. All I can say is, WOAH.

Enjoy! x

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