Sunday, 14 September 2014

Wedding Talk: The "Keep Calm" post

Last time I blinked, I was in post-engagement bliss

Four seasons later, I'm in slight panic.

Wedding planning - even if you hire a planner - is not easy. Sure, we still have around four months to go, but planning everything from overseas makes things a tad bit harder. One of my MOHs sent me a 9-pager checklist that got my stomach making out with my soles. Our event coordinators are keeping us on track of things, but there's still heaps to think about, suppliers to book, people to meet, documents to sign off, and details to finalise. Oh, the woes of a bride-to-be!

Admittedly, my partner and I have been taking turns playing groom/bride-zilla in the early stages of planning (much less now, thank heavens!!!) Our couple friends say it's normal... but I never really understood why couples fight around planning something that's meant to be one of the happiest days of their lives. Maybe it's a case of things falling apart so they can fall into place? I certainly hope so!

This October, I'm off to Manila with the intention of ticking at least 95% of the things we need to sort. The goals next month:
  • Arrange the pamanhikanThis is a Filipino wedding ritual where the groom and his parents would formally ask the bride's parents for her hand in marriage. 
  • Finalise documents including the marriage licence and sort out wedding banns. Super grateful for Plaid Boy's mom, who's been helping us out with these documents, etc. (Thank you, Tita!)
  • Attend a pre-CANA seminar. This is a typical requirement if you're getting married in a Catholic church. The seminar aims to prepare couples for their lifelong commitment to each other.
  • Arrange the canonical interview. Another requirement of the Catholic church where the couple meets with the parish priest to find out potential impediments to their wedding. 
  • Finalise gown design and have at least two gown fittings at my designer's atelier. 
  • Meet with event stylist to finalise tablescapes and ballroom design.
  • Attend food tasting for our dinner menu.
  • Shoot AVP.
  • Finalise entourage gown designs and arrange fittings.
  • Finalise invitation design and content, have them printed, arrange distribution.
  • Finalise hair and makeup artist and arrange trial make up session/s. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. My first and second choice HMUAs are both booked for my date and time's a-ticking!
  • Finalise missalette content including readings.
  • Finalise cake design and patissier.
  • Finalise favours. We are very lucky to have very talented friends who have turned their hobbies into businesses. 
  • Finalise setlist with the band and find a DJ.
  • Finalise contract with chair rental supplier.
  • Book photo studio. 
  • Work on guest list and check if everyone's received their Save The Date invites. 
  • Sort out next batch of payment for suppliers.
  • Visit primary sponsors. In Filipino weddings, these are senior people who would act as mentors to the couple's marriage. Kinda like what godparents are to babies.
  • Meet with potential hosts and draft programme proper
  • Reconvene with our planner to sort a list of other miscellaneous stuff we need to organise.
OH. MY. WORD. Even typing all of that is overwhelming! Fingers and everything crossed, it won't end up in tears.

In the meantime, I best remind myself this very simple thing whenever things get a bit stressful...

Photo credit: Keep Calm-o-matic



  1. I know what you mean, we found planning our wedding very stressful and our to do list kept on getting longer and longer! Lot's of luck for the future.

    SilverSpoon London

    1. Thank you sweetie! You're so lucky you're done with this! Hope married life is treating you well! x

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