Friday, 31 October 2014

Manila Wedding Work Holiday 2014

Apologies for being quite a delinquent blogger, but I have an excuse: the past few weeks have been spent ironing out wedding details, ie meeting with our church, suppliers, planners, ninongs/ninangs along with combating jet lag, Manila traffic, and a little flu. It's been very taxing and our social life pretty much took a dive, but we managed to tick off a lot on our list. We also realised how good a team we've been in all seriousness sans kilig moments... so the wedding is definitely going ahead! Haha.

We met up with our planner/coordinator, Agnes of Empire Weddings. She was highly recommended by a lot of friends, which surprised me and reminded me that it is truly such a small world. 

Managed to attend one of Plaid Boy's friends' wedding which was organised by Empire, too.
Beautiful affair!

 Also bumped into my friend P, who's also getting married next year. 
Her makeup is by Kris Bacani, mine is by Pong Niu.

 We finalised our reception dinner menu at Raffles and I was pleased with the overall result.
Surprised at how massive the portions were. Here's to hoping our guests come hungry!

We attended a one-on-one marriage encounter seminar at CEFAM in Ateneo.
I was really scared about this part because this felt a lot more intimate than doing a discovery weekend with other couples. especially when our assessor, Mrs Susan Syquia said that couples either become stronger, break up, or postpone their weddings after the full day affair. We survived! =)
And I totes recommend doing a one-on-one instead.

 We shot our AVP c/o my bestie Maui Mauricio.

We finalised tablescapes with our event stylist, Rob Blancaflor.
Rob is delightful to work with and it was pretty cool how he and Plaid Boy established rapport when they found out they worked in the same banks and know the same people.

We had dinner with our parents and immediate family.

Met up with a few ninongs and ninangs.

Organised gown fittings with some bridesmaids (in an out of town affair, at that!)

Caught up slightly with one of my very busy Maids of Honor.

And finished all our church permits, licenses and forms!

We also managed to arrange two fittings with my gown designer, arrange a meeting with my shoe designer, find a photo studio provider, finalise invites and monograms, confirm suppliers for chairs and wedding favours, etc. The word tired has been explicitly used in this holiday.

It was a very hectic couple of weeks, We didn't really get to see a lot of friends (sorry guys!) but then again Plaid Boy and I agreed to work on wedding stuff whilst we were there as the next time I'm back in the Philippines would be a week before the wedding. That said, I am so happy I got to spend time with my family especially my parents for whom I will forever be grateful to.
And of course, the best siblings a girl can ask for.

Next time I leave Manila, I'll be a married woman. Insane.

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