Three Buns at Potato Head Folk: where I fed off that “perfectly tipsy” feeling

Surely, most of us have experienced that “perfectly tipsy” state, oui? You know, that point of inebriation when you feel relatively hazy but coherent enough to know you’ve had one too many. All you need is a bit of air, et voila! You’re sensible enough again to hear the clarity of that loud “give me something greasy and oily!” scream in your stomach, diet be darned. 
After a very satisfying liquid supper at The Library on Keong Saik Road, I found myself in that “perfectly tipsy” state and in dire need of something substantial. Plaid Boy, who just finished dinner with his corporate buds at Potato Head Folk across the road, suggested we go back there so I could try their burgers. “They have good fries,” he said. “And the burger I had earlier was decent.” 
The Three Buns takeaway counter at Potato Head Folk smelt like the holy guacamole of post-revelling grub. I wanted to try everything on the menu and Plaid Boy had to stop me from ordering one item too many as he wasn’t having any of it anyway. 
Naughty Fries Potato Head Folk Singapore

I got the naughty fries as recommended (hand cut potatoes topped with spiced bearnaise, hot beef chilli, fried shallots, parmesan, sesame seeds and parsley). Reckon they could’ve made it “naughtier” with a bit more chilli (and perhaps something to give a bit of acid?) but overall, these were top notch chips with a pretty good sauce.

Smokin' B-Boy Potato Head Folk Singapore

Plaid Boy recommended the Burning Man burger which sounded promising with roasted jalapeño but I didn’t fancy a wholemeal bun so I opted for the Smokin’ B-Boy instead. It’s a 150g beef patty in a brioche bun with double smoked cheese, beer and treacle cured bacon, barbecue sauce, smoky mayo and crispy onions. Good freakin’ lawd.

Smokin' B-Boy Potato Head Folk Singapore

The patty was a juicy medium rare, the sauce had a decent smoke and the bacon added that much needed crunch. Perhaps it was me being larry, perhaps it was sobriety kicking in… but in that moment I was the happiest person in the world with my partner on my side and a very good burger on hand.

Wing-its Potato Head Folk Singapore

I managed to order some wing-its before Plaid Boy gave me his “STOP OVER-ORDERING!!!” look. I’m glad I got them as they were delightful. The twice-cooked chicken wings were actually meaty and tender and generously topped with smoky barbecue sauce, chilli and scallions.

My stomach finally caved in after five pieces but there was still a fair bit left. That sauce was smoky enough but as with the fries, it could do with a bit more heat.

I was too inebriated to remember how much each item costed but I’m sure I paid just a little over SGD$50 for everything. Overall, not a bad way to bring you back to sobriety. *hic*

Three Buns at Potato Head Folk
36 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089143 |+65 6327 1939
Ave spend pp: SG$35 (roughly £17)
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