Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Wasabi Tei (Far East Plaza): where you'll find good sashimi at the right place

I ended up having quite an adventure looking for good sushi in Singapore.

It all started with a craving when a friend posted mouth-watering photos of chirashi on Instagram. She mentioned it was from a stall in Far East Plaza, a shopping centre with independent boutiques and beauty salons catering to the trendy younger culture. My friend S took me there once, admittedly after a couple of martinis, and I had a slight recollection it was along Orchard Road (like how shopping centres are all bunched together on Oxford Street). 

When I got to the mall. the place looked and felt different from what I remember. Anyway I went up the (very narrow) escalators to the 4th level where the food stalls were meant to be. After circling the whole floor for the nth time, a Filipina lady approached me and said "Miss Pinoy ka? Baka naghahanap kayo ng yaya madami kami. O baka trabaho gusto mo? Dito ka samin, madami kami!" (Miss, are you Filipino? Perhaps you're looking for a nanny, we have a lot. Or perhaps you want a job? Come to our agency, we have lots of offers!) Bit surprised, I told her I wasn't either and asked if she knew where the sushi place was. She stared at me blankly and said she's never heard of it. And then she went on to tell me about the "opportunities" and "benefits" of joining their agency.

I backed off with a nervous smile and raced my way out of the building. I checked my friend's Instagram geotag and Googled the restaurant to be sure. "But it did say Far East Plaza!" I looked at the massive sign in front of the mall  and then it hit me. 

I ended up at Far East Shopping Centre, known for its jewellery shops, sporting equipment stores... and employment agencies for domestic helpers. 


Anyway. I managed to find Far East Plaza and got to Wasabi Tei just before they closed for lunch service (12noon - 3pm, dinner is 5pm - 9.30pm).

Wasabi Tei Singapore
Lunch sets are outrageously cheap here. I quickly ordered a sashimi set which goes for SG$22 (that's about £10!). The set includes assorted sashimi, rice, miso soup, a salad, some watermelon slices for afters and hot green tea.  

Wasabi Tei, Far East Plaza
Watching this uncle prepare the fish for chirashi and sashimi sets was a treat, although I was surprised at how thick he was slicing the fish for.

Wasabi Tei, Far East Plaza
My sashimi plate involved maguro, meijiki, sake & tako (unpretentiously known as tuna, swordfish, salmon and octopus). Each piece tasted fresh to the palate despite nearing closing time. The cuts were really big and chunky and for the outrageously low price I paid for, it's really good.

Wasabi Tei, Far East Plaza
Lunch was straightforward. The simplicity of these massive fresh cuts celebrated the joy of eating good sashimi. There was much respect involved in the preparation of the dish so I tried to channel back my appreciation to the chef and finished everything on my plate. Which wasn't hard to do.

So I told my friend I've finally eaten at Wasabi Tei and immensely enjoyed it.

She replied saying she went to The Sushi Bar (3/F in Far East Plaza), not Wasabi Tei.


Wasabi Tei
Far East Plaza on 14 Scotts Road #05-70 Singapore 228213
Ave spend pp: SG$30 goes a long way

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  1. hhahahaha sorry i can't help but LOL! :P you're so cute! here's to more foodie adventures in Singapore! haha

    1. Franny, buti na lang they're close to each other!
      Can't wait to have more adventures with you! =)