Monday, 20 April 2015

Island Hopping from Pangulasian, El Nido: Cathedral & Cudugnon Caves + Snake Island

On our visit to Pangulasian Island, we decided to join some guided eco tours of nearby islands. 

We hopped on a merry boat with an army of activity guides, coconut cookies and iced tea, and bade our island a temporary adieu.

Each island is approximately a 10-15 minute boat ride away from the other. I can't get over the views at sea. Seriously, Palawan is so beautiful and pictures have never really done it any justice.

First stop was a peek at Cathedral Cave. We didn't stay long here, just enough time to snap a few photos and check out the cave and the artsy formations.

Then we headed off to Cudugnon Cave near Lagen Island. The view from outside is breathtaking as it looked untouched but really, this cave is believed to be a burial site of our Filo forefathers.

We all had to crawl into a small hole to get into the cave (but of course). Claustrophobic people like myself might get freaked out by this, but man... that little pinch of fear is so worth it. 

The cave opened up to a world of wonder. It was massive inside and everyone seemed surprised at how incredibly impressive it all looked. My brain started to go on imaginative overdrive, cooking up stories on how these formations played in folklore and reality. Everything looked like an abstract painting of sorts, and our little group snapped away in awe.

And then we sailed off to Snake Island, famous for its S-shaped sandbar, just in time to catch the sea at low tide. We stayed here for a while, frolicking in the sea and pretending that we walked on water. (Hey, if Kanye can't then we can!)

We were having so much fun being one with sand and sea; by the time we were called to head back to Pangulasian I just wanted to plant myself with the corals. However, we were promised more breathtaking views for our afternoon eco tour (of the Big and Small Lagoons) so we swam back to the boat, sunkissed and sea happy. 

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