Live Below The Line Year 2: Days 2-3 and “water cocktails”

I have signed up again for Live Below The Line from 27 April to 1 May, hoping to raise funds for ChildHope. for the same reasons I had last year.

Day 2 panned out easily. Day time, I pretty much had the same stuff as Day 1 except this time, I didn’t have a banana for brekkie and actually managed to bring my lunch with me!
I had five of these during the day. I wish I had fruit.

Now comes the difficult part. My favourite couple G&G were in the town (G finished his MBA from Cambridge so they flew to the UK for his graduation) and I agreed to meet up with them before they flew out. We met up around 9pm at my favourite cocktail bar in Soho, Lab.

Yet again, on this challenge, I find myself surrounded by cocktails. However, I kept to my guns and drank tap water the whole time. The lovely bartenders made my “water cocktails” fun by garnishing the glasses with fruit. I didn’t eat those, of course.

I was quite hungry after a few hours but seeing how G&G support each other through the years filled me with an inexplicable sense of joy. My belly was empty but my heart was full and in a way, I felt satiated.

Overall spend: roughly 60p 
Overall belly factor: Full. 
Overall feeling: Very proud of myself for staying at a cocktail bar and just having water cocktails.

Day 3 was harder as I worked from home. I’ve left my digestives and my coffee jar at work so snacking and caffeine was out of the option.

As mentioned, I still had 80p left from my overall budget so I went to my local grocer and bought a sole piece of sweet potato (30p). I cooked half of it with my frozen vegetarian sausages (a box of six was reduced to £1), a fourth of my onion, a seasoning cube, and baked the lot for 25 minutes. This whole dish amounts to a whopping £1.25 so I figured I’d divide it into three lunch portions.

The dish was surprisingly filling, but as I didn’t have any biccies to munch on I finished half of it for the whole day. Oops. 

Overall spend: roughly 63p 
Overall belly factor: Quite peckish by 10pm. I wish I’d taken my digestives home. 
Overall feeling: Glad to have been able to push through work productively with a slight hungry belly.

For more information about the campaign please visit the Live Below the Line website. Please visit the Child Hope website too, for more information about the charity I’m raising funds for! You can help either by joining or by sponsoring me here.

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