And just like that, we’re halfway through 2015. Seriously, folks. Where did the time go?!  To say it’s been a challenging couple of months is an understatement but I’m not here to bore you with all the crazy details and sob stories of life. As… View Post

I’m not too huge on chicken but there are times when the mood just calls for proper, dirty chicken - like when your brain itself feels like it’s in a deep fried state and when all things seem battered. When the Meatailer group (of MeatLiquor… View Post

I’ve not updated this series in quite some time. I’ve been distracted by a heap load of food, some developments at work, and some life decisions. Do you ever have that unsettling desire to re-write history? Case in point: my mother enrolled me in ballet… View Post

I’ve always passed by Salon en route to other establishments along Brixton Market Row (ie the original Franco Manca and my favourite Thai in town, Yum-D) but I’ve never really given it much thought for a visit as it always came across another coffee shop (and I always go… View Post