Wednesday, 24 June 2015

ChickenLiquor (Brixton): where we had more liquor than wish bones

I'm not too huge on chicken but there are times when the mood just calls for proper, dirty chicken - like when your brain itself feels like it's in a deep fried state and when all things seem battered. When the Meatailer group (of MeatLiquor fame) rebranded Wishbone in Brixton Market, I never thought I'd see the day I'd walk into ChickenLiquor. But one bad day, I got off work and all I ever wanted was everything submerged in oil, a little bit of chicken and a little bit of liquor. 

The chicken shop boneless chicken bites (£6.50) came aplenty with a pot of barbecue sauce. The house coating itself was decent and was crispy enough. It's the chicken I have an issue with as it wasn't as juicy as I would've wanted.

I went for the dirty chicken burger (£8) as it seemed like the safest choice of the four burgers on offer (all chicken save for the halloumi veggie option). It sounded promising enough in its simplicity: chicken fillet, mayo, red onions. However I was underwhelmed with 1) its size; 2) its appearance; and 3) its flavour.

I've had this sort of burger from that famous chicken joint and though it's probably heaps dirtier than ChickenLiquor's dirty burger, I'm pretty sure it was bigger, better and more finger-licking-good (just over half the price, too).

It wasn't all that bad. I felt an affinity with the hot mess (£4.50) as it was exactly how I felt at the time, har har. It's ridiculously dirty and is so bad for any type of diet but damnit, you need this in your life. Hash browns, jalapenos, melted cheese, hot sauce and pickles. It's enough to make you feel better.

What's a run to a chicken shop sans liquor, non? I opted for good ol' scotch and ginger beer whilst my cousin-BFF-MOH D went for the Paloma (£7), a concoction of tequila and sparkling grapefruit juice with lime and a tajin rim.

We may have had one tequila, two tequila, some whiskey shots and more. But who's counting?

Would I go back to ChickenLiquor? Staff's friendly and flirty enough to make you chuckle on a bad day. The hot mess is definitely a good side and they have a decent selection of liquor for hair of the dog habits. But as a chicken shop, I seriously think they need a bit of improvement. 

Unit 12 Market Row, Brixton Market, London SW9
Ave spend pp: £20
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  1. Excellent post, and indeed Chickenliquor would be nothing without a bit of liquor ;)

    Mehreen A |

    1. Cheers Mehreen! Shame about the chicken, though! Maybe I should've gone for the bolder flavours instead! x

  2. Good fried chicken is the dreeeeeeam!!! Shame it didn't quite meet the mark but the hot mess sounds pretty damn delicious! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

    1. I could eat a full tub of that hot mess! Waistlines be darned! x

  3. Ha! Mr S would be all over this, he loves 'that' chicken shop.
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  4. I like Meat Liquour but I agree with you, the presentation on this chicken burger is sadly lacking

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. I know they try to be casual, but this is just despicable presentation! =(

  5. I love Meatliquor, but that chicken burger definitely looks a bit rubbish! :( maybe they were having an off day?

    C x | Lux Life