Skin-y Love: Skin Inc Serums

At 30, I still get ID’ed and quite frankly it’s getting a bit embarrassing. Spare me the #AsianGenes joke (well.. unless you’re Asian, too) because really and truly, it’s what you do to your body and to your face that matters most and not your ethnic lineage.
But let’s face it (har har), whatever our heritage is, age brings forth a lot of skin issues and we have to really take care of our skin else we’d look like manky potatoes. Most of us have been curious about the Korean 10+ steps to beautiful skin and though it sounds like a feasible regimented course, it’s still a bit tortuous when you’re always on the go. Heck, I’d put my hands up and say some nights I don’t even have time to take my makeup off. Eww, but true.
I chanced on Skin Inc serums during my last Singapore trip early this year. Skin Inc is the world’s first skin supplement bar offering beauty solutions tailor-made for customers to help ease their beauty regimen. They have nine individual serums (SG$128 or £60 per 20ml) you can play with to create custom-formulated combos designed to solve multiple skin issues in just ONE step. This is what they call “My Daily Dose.”
The products feature highly concentrated, pure and active serums and skincare from Japan. The best thing? No added scents and no parabens. I bought four serums back in February but have only started using them in April. Three months later, I am convinced these serums are some of the best I’ve tried!


For my daily dose bottle, I only combined two serums (you’re meant to use three). The REPLENISH serum is a hyaluronic acid designed to replenish and hold moisture for long lasting hydration in your skin; whilst the REBALANCE serum is a cocktail of Vitamin C, B6 and E, which targets to reduce appearance of pores and to balance sebum production in your skin.

My two favourites, though:

REBORN Collagen serum contains an optimal level of marine collagen and elastin that are rich in amino acids and penetrate the skin effectively. Collagen gives your skin structural support, smoothing out fine lines and keeping your complexion supple.

REGENERATE Vitamin A serum targets uneven skin tone, dull skin and….. DARK EYE CIRCLES! Lack of Vitamin A causes skin to become coarse and sluggish so this aims to keep skin healthy by increasing cell metabolism and circulation, banishing dark circles, dryness and dullness.

SkinInc also has a wide range of other beauty products such as toners, masks, moisturisers and even devices that help target all skin concerns. The products are currently only available in Singapore and in the States, but I seriously hope they’d come to the UK soon. Seriously amazing!

Do you use serums? What are your favourites? x

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