Brighton in a day (a photodiary)

Brighton trips used to be a constant fixture in the diary
until 2010, when my boyfriend then and I parted ways. Though my ex and I are amicable now,
it was quite a shame to not have had a reason to visit. Sure, it’s peppered with cheesy hen and stag parties all over but the city’s hippie-alternative-artsy
vibe had always felt like a huge welcome break from London’s broader
offerings. And as I love the sea, it’s always good to get to the beach in an hour!
So, that said, what can you do in Brighton for a day?

1. Discover street art. Brighton’s graffiti scene is internationally renowned and the streets are peppered with creations by fabulous street artists.

2. Take a selfie in front of the Royal Pavilion - a Brighton landmark you can’t miss. 

3. Grab a deckchair and soak up the sun.

When the weather outside ain’t frightful 
and the sun is out, it’s delightful! 
So if you’ve got £2 to blow,
grab a chair and by the sea you go.
4. Walk along Brighton Pier. It’s a cheesy funfair affair, but the views from the deck are fantastic. Grab a bag of churros or donuts and have a wander but be very careful of thieving seagulls!

5. Walk around The Lanes. It’s quirky and colourful, and the vibe is very hip. Lots to ‘gram about!

6. Shop. Brighton has a multitude of independent boutiques that sell pretty cool stuff. Edited have quirky houseware; Bluebird Teas have awesome brews; Daniel Laurence offer AMAZING house/gardenware; Posh Totty have minimalistic personalised jewellery; plus a bunch of other shops scattered around town and by the arches.

7. Check out the antiques. This isn’t particularly my cuppa but it’s amazing what you can find in these second-hand shops - and how much people actually are willing to buy them for! I found a full body cast iron knight suit gunning for less than £100 (cheap!) whilst an old school thermometer penned for £50!

8. Check out their independent juice bars/cafés. 42 Juice on Market Street have amazing smoothies (and an amazing story behind their shop). Cafe Coho serves pretty good long black coffees and a decent brunch menu. You can also try Small Batch Coffee, particularly the one on Dyke Road, which has been a long favourite of mine.

9. Have a drink at Hotel Du Vin‘s courtyard/terrace. This boutique hotel offers a decent list of cocktails that hit the spot, especially in the Summer where you can take it al fresco. The Gold Negroni (£10.50) was a tamer version of the original, but it definitely is just as strong.

10. Enjoy seafood at Riddle & Finns. You can’t not go to Brighton and not have seafood. Forget fish and chips, go treat yourself to this highly acclaimed champagne and oyster bar/seafood restaurant. The portions are generous and compared to London prices, this was such a bargain for top-notch quality!

The past weekend’s spontaneous Brighton trip made me realise how I feel for this city resembles how I feel about my past relationships; it will never be my forever love, but there will always be some sort of fondness towards its charm.
*Photos taken with my trusty iPhone6

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  1. 23rd July 2015 / 8:00 pm

    I really like Brighton! They have so many cool shops and cafes <3 xx

    • 24th July 2015 / 11:09 am

      It's a cute city with a lot of cool shops, no? Can't help but purchase bits and bobs!

      Honey x

    23rd July 2015 / 9:49 pm

    Ah this posts brings back fond memories. I used to love pottering down to Brighton. xx

  3. 24th July 2015 / 2:22 pm

    The visit brought fond memories to me too, Zoe! 🙂

    Honey x