The Sunday Currently: The Girl Next Shore & Big News

My body is once again desynchronised but my head is still somewhere up in the clouds submerged in a massive case of wanderlust.

THE BIG NEWS is that I am OFFICIALLY a UK resident, aka I finally have indefinite leave to remain in the UK after 9 long years. (Background: UK Home Office kept changing immigration laws throughout so I’ve only been qualified for residency last year; however, I deferred my application until this Summer due to life and travel plans.) Last week, after spending half a day at one of the Home Office’s one-day premium service centres (I highly recommend paying extra for this service), my application was deemed successful which means means NO MORE UK visa renewals for me. Hooray!!!

But what’s next? Watch this space.

Caroline Kepnes - You. I’m getting slightly frustrated with this book as I keep on dozing off after a few pages. It’s meant to be a thrilling perspective from a stalker, but I just get an image of a creep lurking in the bushes all the time.

…a backlog of blog posts from trips and staycations over the Summer. Oh, and of course food reviews, including a great #ZomatoMeetup at Pizza Pilgrims.


We used to have it all planned
We thought we knew what it all looked like
We were looking out on the greatest view
We were raised to take a stand,
We were raised to keep an open mind
We believed we’d just sail on through
Now I’m a hundred miles an hour
Sitting in my palace without any power
Alone in the dark,
We’re alone in the dark
Thought we could always try a bit harder
But if the dice don’t wanna roll in your favor
It falls apart, the fantasy falls apart

…of how paradoxical 2015 has been, and how seasons have changed so quickly.

…my newly laundered sheets that smell of lavender. This just makes me a bit depressed because it’s raining outside and I wish I were in a sunny field of lavender.

…for clarity and for a miracle.

…to go on some sort of sabbatical from all the BS in life.

…ripped Leigh jeans, a stripey t-shirt, trusty Havaianas.

…my new purchased earrings from Les Nereides: a pair of lavender studs, la diamantine earrings with a bow, quirky surfing penguins (on sale!), and my favourite olives & lavender drops from the Jardins de Provence collection!

…to travel more. Dreaming of flying to Porto for a bit of surfing and gorging on a heap load of octopus.

…a little bit of clarity.

…slightly lethargic from oversleeping. Ah, Sunday.

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