Dirty Bones (South Ken): where I got brunch’d in the face

Oh that terrible hangover after all the holiday festivities, I welcome you with a big hello, unkept hair and undereye bags fit for two round-trip tickets to the moon and beyond.
And now I could really do with that hair of the dog potion from a few Sundays ago when Dirty Bones invited a few bloggers down to their South Ken branch for brunch and a masterclass on how to make a very interesting Bloody Mary.
Dirty Bones is essentially an American comfort food diner. Think burgers, hot dogs, chicken and waffles. They’ve got two branches so far South Kensington and Kingly Court.
The original in South Ken branch transforms at night into a cool retro cocktail bar with a couple of DJs (Thursdays to Saturdays) spinning sould and old school funk. This space also serves as a private dining area where you can hold bespoke events to your fancy.
This is Mary from That Bloody Mary. Think this event was perfect for her.


Anyway, it was cool to see a bunch of familiar faces and meet familiar names. Wanting to nurse a hangover from the Saturday night before, I went up for the first round of masterclasses to get dibs on a glass of DB’s twisted version of a Bloody Mary.
Michael, the general manager, taught us how to make the restaurant’s version of the classic post-hangover drink.


Finlandia vodka, a mix of pickled brine, lime juice, Louisiana hot sauce, mint and a sour cream Pringles rim maketh this potion. Now I’m not sure about the sour cream rim (then again I’m not a fan of the flavour) but the drink itself is deliciously drinkable with a kick that can seriously knock out that bloody hangover.
As if the Bloody Mary wasn’t enough, we were given prosecco. The unlimited type.
And then, they fed us.


First, the Slow n’ low, a three-stack toastie of pulled beef rib, charred gherkin, English mustard, taleggio and cheddar on sourdough. This is something I would love to eat to cure any hangover. The beef had a nice smoky flavour to it and I wish they’d put more beef than cheese on this one.


The Green Cheese Toastie is pretty much the Slow n’ Low for vegetarians. Avocado replaces the beef and gherkin but the same cheeses are present. I liked this as well but as with the first toastie, I wish there was a bit more filling. And maybe a bit of a chilli kick.


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know for a fact that I do not eat egg where I can see it despite my love for #yolkporn. The Breakfast Fries came with two fried eggs and a hefty drizzling of tomato sauce on top. Though I did not partake on the eggs, I enjoyed munching on the chips. Crispy and seasoned well, these fries were bloody fantastic.
That wasn’t the only thing with egg, though. The Benedict Burger is DB’s take on eggs benedict. Now I’ve seen breakfast pizzas in Bunga Bunga last month, and I know fried eggs and burgers can go well… but hollandaise on a burger???


The 6oz steak burger comes with treacle-cured bacon, a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. I did try the meaty parts with a bit of the sauce. It was rather interesting and I see how it can appeal to Sunday brunchers in town.


But sorry love. *sigh* I’m just not that into you.


My favourite of the mains has got to be the Chicken & Waffles. Good old fried chicken with very crispy batter and juicy chicken inside plus fluffy waffles married in maple syrup. This was a winner for brunch all through out.


After the savoury waffles we went on to the Banana Toblerone-tella Waffles. Topped with caramelised bananas, berries, blueberry jam and a peanut butter gelato, this is heaven for those with massive sweet teeth (which is probably why I loved this one).

There’s also a more subtle tasting dessert called Milk & Frosties which consists of milk panacotta and a glass of Frosties. This was quite a clever concept of getting to eat cereal, but I much preferred the waffles for pud.
Prosecco and conversation kept flowing and everybody was getting as merry as Christmas ’round the corner. Dirty Bones (and the lovely PR girls from Sauce Comms) truly gave us a decent brunch and an even better hangover healer.
And if I’m banking on the current situation of the holiday festivities, we could all use a bit of that Dirty Bloody Mary right now.
Happy holidays, you guys. Drink responsibly!
20 Kensington Church St, Kensington, London W8
I was invited for a blogger event but ave spend pp would be £25

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  1. 27th December 2015 / 2:37 pm

    Oh god, I could use a drip feed of Dirty Bloody Mary right about now. I don't think I've ever come out of Christmas so hungover (#welcometoadultlife). Looks like you tried some interesting dishes at DB - I'm intrigued by the hollandaise burger and the Frosties dessert! The chicken and waffles look gorgeously old-school. I'll make a note to go for the classics next time I drop by Kingly Court! x

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

    • 27th December 2015 / 5:51 pm

      The chicken and waffle dish was my favourite! Let's make a date of it! x

  2. 27th December 2015 / 6:25 pm

    OMG those Banana Toblerone-tella Waffles!! Having a bit of a waffle addiction at the moment and these look like they'd be just the fix 😉 Happy holidays! xxx

    • 29th December 2015 / 10:22 am

      I thoroughly enjoyed those waffles although most people found it too sweet! x
      See you in the new year, Ayushi! x

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