The Shore Currently: Hello March!

Hello, how ya doin? Can you believe it’s March? I can’t.It’s really been a crazy couple of weeks for me. I’ve been busy juggling and balancing work and social (blogger) life, and late nights have been slightly taking its toll on my health. However, inspired by a great word and some bloggers I look up to, I’m setting #goals to be a bit more mindful.

Some post-work shenanigans included team bonding activities and a lot of ballsy moves, literally. Went bowling with my team at All Star Lanes in Bayswater and though I genuinely have forgotten everything I learned from my high school PE classes, it was good fun (I came second!!!).

I also went to Brighton to check out P’s & V’s flat. The expecting parents made an awesome late lunch FEAST for our posse inspired by listings from the Persiana cookbook. Mygosh everything was yummy and my favourites were the aubergine chermoulah, feta salad, homemade hummus, tamarind cod, and roast lamb (I kid you not, this was just half of what they served).

Unsurprisingly, I found myself happiest with feasting activities.

I went to my first ever supper club in London. Hosted by Guan Chua (aka The Boy Who Ate The World / that Malaysian dude on Anthony Bourdain’s The Taste), it was definitely a great first experience which deserves its own dedicated post (soon).

Other notables over the past few weeks were Brunswick HouseTokimeite, Piquet, Red Fort, good ol’ Goodman on Maddox St, the new Kanada-Ya in Piccadilly, sketch Gallery where I had an 8-year anniversary with my good friend A, and raclette night with foodie buddies.

It’s been a rather boozy coupla weeks. I’ve been invited to sample the gin masterclass at The Happenstance where I’ve learned that G&T can never be boring again. I’ve also had amazing catch up drinks with buds at The Green Room in Cafe Royal, Pollen St Social (slowly becoming a favourite bar), Yauatcha Soho, Chotto Matte and Beaumont Bar.

I really wanted to buck the Stan Smith trend (I’m a Chucks type of sneaker girl anyway) but I genuinely love how comfy these are. And they’re genuinely so versatile, I can wear them everywhere with almost anything (save for work clothes, of course!).

I’ve also replaced my old Sony RX 100 with the Sony RX100 IV and I love it. Whilst I’m still a newbie photographer, you can read more expert reviews of it here.

I bought another cookbook with a bit more realistic goals as the first one was relatively old school and the recipes took long to prep… and it was finally put to use with highlights of chicken pie and tamarind chicken wings.

I’ve not been good with any fiction lately so if you can recommend some, that would be great!

Seriously, a backlog of food and beauty entries.

Having stayed up all night to watch the Academy Awards - and Leo to finally, finally, finally win - I think I can say that I was slightly underwhelmed with this year’s Oscars.

Whilst I enjoyed Spotlight, I was shocked it won Best Picture and the whole thing felt anticlimactic following Leo’s win. I thought The Revenant would bag the little golden dude (if not for that extra half hour it may have gone without, perhaps?) but as it won the big majors (Actor/Director/Cinematography) nobody can complain.

I really really really liked The Big Short and thought it was one of the most entertaining films I’ve seen in a while. Deadpool and Triple 9 were pretty okay too.

Hope is a distance unreached
Ink on his skin incomplete
And the faint sound of friends as she nears
To the end she had peace
Nobody’s watching
Drowning in words so sweet
Mild is the water
Caught as a bird once free

To hit my work and marketing targets by end of March.
To cook another two great dishes from scratch.
To eat relatively healthier and to start exercising regularly again.

Angie’s Silverspoon adventure in Champagne, France with my favourite Perrier Jouet.
Alexandra’s new stint at EatAbout (such a cool dining concept!)
Andrea’s awesome future adventure in Hong Kong.

How’s your week been so far, guys? I hope you’re all having a great one wherever you are, whatever you’re doing! (I’m currently making plans for the bank holiday so toodledo!)

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Have fun!



  1. 2nd March 2016 / 10:09 am

    Thanks for sharing my post! I'm thinking of upgrading my old Sony RX100 as it's great to use alongside my DSLR - do you think it's worth it?
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

    • 4th March 2016 / 8:27 pm

      I really like the RX100 IV but i think the mark 1 is good enough to use alongside your DSLR!

  2. 2nd March 2016 / 2:45 pm

    Wow you've had an amazing month, and I alos really love Billie Marten - what a great song choice for this month! 🙂 Really enjoy reading peoples positive posts and seeing a little snippit of what thy've been up to! Alice xx

  3. 2nd March 2016 / 6:02 pm

    The recipes on Persiana are awesome, aren't they! I would definitely recommend it for the next time you feel like buying a cookbook 🙂 Also can't wait to see Sabrina Ghayour's next cookbook that's coming out in May…

  4. 4th March 2016 / 10:57 pm

    definitely have to go to Guan's one day and how can you say G&T is boring?

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