Wright Bros Soho (Kingly Court): where they always get it right

I absolutely love oysters. I’d eat them everyday if I could, particularly my favourite type: Speciales Gillardeau.
In London, some of my favourites oysters are from the Richard Haward stall in Borough Market - they’re consistently plump and “fresh-off-the-sea”. However if there’s a specific place I’d recommend for variety and reliability, I’d always opt for Wright Brothers Oyster House in Soho.

So when I got an invite to wine and dine at this Kingly Court favourite, I hurriedly called fellow oyster fiend B because God knows we needed to find some pearls in our lives.

The restaurant has beautiful interiors. You walk in to see a bar counter (I always ask for a seat here when I go) and high tables which is perfect for with mates. Upstairs seems a bit more refined - but still relaxed - and a bit more appropriate for date nights and the like. Downstairs is a pretty semi-private dining area in a beautiful “oyster cage” where you can wine and dine whilst observing chefs at work.

Bread basket


A bottle of Comte de Provençe Rosé, La Vidaubanaise 2014 is cheap and cheery at £28 and perfect for a proper seafood fare (and how sexy is that bottle?)
Normally, I’d get the natural oyster selection (£33 for a platter of 12 oysters) and maybe a few razor clams if I’m extra hungry. However, B & I agreed to tame it down a bit so we can try more dishes.

My favourite oysters from Wright Bros are the Spéciales de Claire (£9 for 3). These are beautifully balanced oysters in terms of sweetness and umami flavour and the meat is firm so the lasting flavour is enjoyed more.

The Lindisfarne oysters (£9.50 for 3) are great, too. They taste rather clean and definitely not as salty as others. These are quite delicate but easy on the palate with a buttery and silky texture.

Oysters done, we were ready to try other offerings on the menu.

Our server recommended the soft-shell crab tempura (£14.50) and we were glad to have listened. The crab itself was meaty and sweet. I would’ve preferred a bit of heat from the jalapeño sauce it came with but as the batter was seasoned nicely enough, I didn’t really care much for the dipping sauce.

FULL DISCLOSURE: 15 minutes after we finished the starters, an apologetic server came over and admitted he forgot to put our orders in. To compensate, the manager sent us more oysters as an “Oopsie!”. To be honest, we didn’t even notice the wait as we were catching up so much but the honesty was a breath of fresh air, and the oysters were a welcome touch.

I’m usually a rock oyster type of girl, but the native flats were rather delicious. They’re bold in flavour: earthy and herby with a firm, meaty texture and they tasted absolutely fresh.

How beautiful is that?


When our mains finally came, I licked my lips as the server laid my tools on the table. If it’s not obvious yet, I’m a shellfish, crabby kinda gal and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

I ordered the whole crab with black pepper sauce, basil leaves, almonds and yoghurt. This, my friends, is the Mt Vesuvius of all stacked shellfish for the small price of £22.

I mean, look: one claw is half the size of my head. And you get a full crab. And it’s real, proper meaty crab. For £22. Come on, now. If that’s not a bargain, then I’m blonde and blue-eyed.


The black pepper sauce packed a good amount of heat which I personally liked, although I can understand how most people may find it a bit too spicy or too salty. However, it’s rather clever to have yoghurt in, as it gave the dish a much needed sweetness which makes it better balanced.

I’ve eaten loads of crab in my life and though I still think the best ones I’ve had are in Asia, this one’s definitely a contender for the best I’ve had in London.

B went for the whole Cornish lemon sole (£26.50). Served with some chilli and crabmeat butter, this is another winner. Whereas my crab was beautiful in bold flavours, this was beautiful in freshness and its simplicity.

For sides, a bowl of mixed greens with chilli, garlic & bamboo (£5.50) which was a proper texture party.

And of course some fries (£3.50) which were perfect for mopping up the rest of my black pepper sauce.
We were seriously stuffed by at this point, but I’ve actually never tried their desserts and it would be a shame to skip the sugar.

B, the fruity pud type, had the orange drizzle cake with sweet yoghurt sauce. I find the cake itself a bit dense, but the yoghurt sauce (which I normally don’t like by the way) was good.

Now I have a little something to say about their choccy fondant. First of all, the cake itself is fluffy.

And when you slice it open…

Look. At. That. Chocolate. Lava. Oozing. Out.
*drops mic*

This is the point we #slowclap the meal off as it was another fantastic meal from Wright Brothers who really know how to get things right.

Other must try dishes:

Seriously though, I’ve always been a fan of Wright Brothers and other favourites include the hamachi starter (£12.50) and the grilled Devon skate wing (£19.50).
But don’t get there without having the oysters.

In a city where lots of new things steal your attention and the latest trend may turn out to be a disappointment, it’s really nice to have some restaurants like Wright Brothers where you know you can always have a great meal and a great time.

Wright Brothers Soho
13 Kingly St, London W1B

My meal was complimentary but average spend pp is around £40
Wright Brothers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Have fun!



  1. 1st April 2016 / 10:20 am

    I have to confess I've only ever had oysters once. I neither loved nor hated them. But this makes me want to try them again. And that crab. I mean what a beast! I'm a seafood girl too so this is my kinda place!x

    • 1st April 2016 / 11:51 am

      Oooh I think seafood dinner should be planned soon!

    • 2nd April 2016 / 6:09 pm

      The oyster cage sounds intriguing, and you certainly know your stuff, Honey. I must try this place sometime. I recommend the Whitstable Oyster Co if you're visiting Kent

    • 2nd April 2016 / 7:53 pm

      Oooh I've been trying to go to Whitstable for yonks but haven't had the time! 🙂 look forward to hearing back from you after Andalusia! x

  2. 4th April 2016 / 1:14 pm

    Jesus Christ if this isn't the ultimate food porn meal I don't know what is - literally everything I love and more! Who knew you were so knowledgeable about oysters 😉 LOVE good and honest service too - recently had the same thing at Roka with an extra yellowtail sashimi (YUM), but OMG the whole crab looks like a tasty, saucy, meaty mess, and the dover sole dripping in butter has got me hungry for my second lunch. All over that chocolate fondant too. Basically, I need to go ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    Andrea's Passions

  3. 5th April 2016 / 9:04 pm

    Though I don't like oysters, I'm a big fan of Wright Brothers!

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