After strolling around Essaouira’s medina, I was definitely up for a feast. Luckily, my driver Abdullah made reservations at the beachfront restaurant, Chalet de la Plage. The restaurant is run by a Frenchman called Jeannot and he’s Essaouira institution. People call him the “iconic Beach Chalet boss”. If… View Post

When I went to Morocco, I had enough time to take a day trip to Africa’s Windy City and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Essaouira. This coastal city is popular with tourists because of its crescent beach which, when kissed by strong trade winds, become ideal for activities… View Post

Are you one of those people who plan their itineraries around food? I am. In fact, when visiting a country/city/town, I always research and plan the restaurants/meals first before going on tourist attractions. So it goes without saying, this month’s travel link-up topic is possibly… View Post