My relationship with Plaid Boy was never the best-foot-forward type (I thought he was a cheater, he thought I was less than puritanical) because we started as really good friends. Perhaps the lack of physical proximity (him in NYC, me in LDN) made us more brazen… View Post

When Plaid Boy and I started planning our wedding, one of our top priorities was to show our guests appreciation by serving really good food. So, with the help of the Raffles Hotel Makati banqueting team, we designed a bespoke sit-down menu that would satiate everyone’s taste. … View Post

Plaid Boy and I arrived in Pangulasian after lunch hour and we were keen to take advantage of what the island had to offer. It really didn’t take much to fall in love with the island. The place is darn beautiful.  We were given free… View Post

Plaid Boy & I flew off to Pangulasian Island, the newest luxury beach development by El Nido Resorts in Palawan, Philippines. Pangulasian is also known as “Island of the Sun” because it offers breathtaking views of sunrise and sunset. There’s a beach that gives you an opening… View Post

Two Summers ago, Plaid Boy flew to the UK with the intention of making me his girlfriend (he obviously succeeded). As it was his first ever trip to London, I took him to some of my favourite places in town with the intention of making… View Post