Hello October, I’ve missed you so much! As you’re my favourite month (coincidentally my birthday month), I am going to blog about a few favourite things starting today. What’s your favourite social media platform? Mine’s got to be Instagram - I like how it can be a… View Post

Two days into the bank holiday the question popped after a few hours and a few beers under the sun. The married ones easily spoke fondly of how they met their spouses while the not-so-married ones skiddley-doo-dah-ed, anxious to change topics. It got me thinking…… View Post

I’ve been in an on-off relationship with a little flu for the past few weeks and my doctor advised us to lay in my sickbed for the next seven days so we can break-up for good. My room is equipped with stuff a sick person… View Post

This video made me remember all the crazy good times with my peers growing up. Got me all ‘Awww!‘-ed out being nostalgic from the games we played whilst waiting for classes (my favourite was classroom basketball!); the scrapbooks and autograph books we signed (The neverending… View Post