Talking to The Little Viet Kitchen’s owner, Thuy Pham-Kelly, has rather been moving. “You’re sitting on our honeymoon!” she said enthusiastically. As my little butt felt guilty by the second, she explained how she and husband Dave worked blood, sweat, tears - and holidays -… View Post

I’ve heard a lot about Viet Food in Chinatown from fellow food bloggers so I thought I’d try it out with my friend B. The only seats available were at the counter by the windows facing the road. We were cool with that because the… View Post

In a previous half-life before this blog, my former housemates and I would frequent Mien Tay on Lavender Hill. This cheap and cheery hole-in-the-wall was quite a trek from where we lived but our intense craving for good Vietnamese would will us to go. When they had a… View Post